Healthy Body Journey

Good day Everyone!

I have begun my healthy body journey by starting the most intense, cardio pumping, sweat pouring and heavy breathing workout of all time:

Dig Deeper

Dig Deeper

I have just started this and This workout is intense. I just completed Cardio Abs last night. I know that there is a a schedule to follow but I prefer to do certain workouts based on my busy work schedule. I workout three times a week with different workouts throughout the programme. I know you are supposed to follow this to heart but at least  I am getting fit!

Where I live, I cannot get access to the Shakeology drink at the moment so instead I am using Slim Fast Chocolate Milk. I love it. I make one every morning when I am eating breakfast.

My diet to lose some pounds :

Breakfast: Weetabix/ Cereal with soy milk and Splenda (no calories) and a fruit

Lunch: Ham Sandwich (with no Butter)/Sausages/Tuna Sandwich and a fruit

Dinner: Any meat with vegetables (fresh) (I hate steam veggies! LOL!)

Snacks: A fruit or low fat yogurt

Drink: Water, Slim Fast, Orange Juice


Healthy Hair Journey

Hello Everyone,

I have begun my healthy hair journey since the beginning of March. I completely changed my hair products that I decided to use my hair. After countless Youtube videos on different hair regimes and product recommendations I have decided to use the following products for  my hair:


Creme of Nature: Detangling Shampoo


Creme of Nature: Nourishing & Moisturizing Conditioner (for deep conditioning)

Herbal Essences Touse me Softly (for co washing)

Protein Treatment:

Organics from Africa’s Best: Hair Mayonnaise

Leave in Conditioner:

Creme of Nature Leave in Conditioner Pro Styling

Moisturizing Lotion:

Organics Root Stimulator Enriching Olive Oil Moisturizing Hair Oil Lotion ( I use this to moisturize my hair at nights)

Additional Oils added to my moisturizing conditioner for deep conditioning and protein treatment:

Extra Virgin Olive Oil ( I also use this to seal my hair nightly basis)

I will purchase more oils in the future but this what I have at the moment.


Hair Oils (using this for the moment):

Doo Gro Hair Vitalizer Mega-Thick ( I have been using this on my hair since it works for me) ( I use this hair oil on every three days or so)

My Hair Regime

I wash my hair once a week on Saturdays.

Week 1: Deep Condition & Shampoo (Pre poo)

Week 2: Deep Condition & Co-Wash (washing with cheap conditioner)

Week 3: Protein Treatment & Deep Condition & Co-Wash/Shampoo then Co-Wash

Week 4: Deep Condition & Shampoo

I relaxed my hair every 10 weeks which is 5 times for year. My hair cannot go more than this because that’s how my hair is.

I also protein treament depending on my relaxer schedule. Like for the month of March, I am going to relax on March 16 which will be my 10 weeks post relaxer. The week before this I will protein treatment and the week after I relax I am going to another protein treatment.

I air dry my hair all the time. The only time I use heat is when I am going to relax my hair at the salon.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! 


I wish all of you a happy new year and a prosperous days to come.

As you know, each year comes with new goals and resolutions.

One of my goals this year is to lose some extra weight (all that Christmas food)

One of my resolution is to be more sociable in my working environment.

What are your Goals? 


What are your resolutions?


The Hobbit

I know that I am bit late with the viewing of this movie but I just saw it and it was amazing for the most part.


Let me begin….I actually loved everything about this movie, the movie had more comedic relief than its counterparts. The Hobbit is a prequel to The Lord of Rings trilogy so as you know you will not see some of your favourite characters in this movie. Some critics have said that Peter Jackson has dumbed the franchise but I disagree.


The Hobbit is based on a young Bilbo Baggins who lives his peaceful little “hole” in the community of the Shire. He is witty as well as very attached to his belongings and does not take a liking to unwanted guests to his house. He meets Gandalf the grey who introduces him to the thirteen dwarves including Thorin who is the prince and obvious leader of the group. A hobbit, a wizard and thirteen dwarves set out an unexpected journey that they all have to go through to reach their goal.

I don’t want wish to spoil the rest of you who have not seen it.

Was Gandalf more badass or what? I would have to say he kicked a lot of orcs and goblins in this movie. This is not to say that he was not in Lord of the Rings. He seemed more humorous especially with Bilbo at the beginning. Was there love interest between him and Galadriel in this movie? If you have read the book, please let me know. I love the chemistry he had with dwarves and trying to convince Thorin that pride could even lead to your downfall or victory in a time of need ( He did not actually say this, this is my personal opinion).


The only issue I have with this is that it did not have be in 3D. Most of the scenes would have been without it. I understand Peter Jackson wanted to use this 3D rave on this movie since he did not get a chance to produce this in Lord of the Rings Trilogy. After 3 hours of that (excluding credits) my eyes began to hurt. He should have stuck to the 2D viewing.

Was it just me or did all the returning actors seemed younger in the movie? I mean look Frodo who is played by Elijah Wood, now he hasn’t aged a day! Some other notable characters such as Saruman, Elrond and Galadriel did not even look their age. The wonders of make up and lighting or maybe it’s just good genetics.


Most of the dwarves except Thorin were barely notable to me except that they brought comedic relief to the movie as well as the interaction between them and Bilbo was hilarious. I did not laugh as much in the Lord of the Rings except when Legolas and Gimli as well as Merry and Pippin had their moments.


How can I forget of the infamous Gollum. He definitely looked much better in terms of emotional expressions towards Bilbo and their play time of riddles. This was another scene that I found to be very entertaining. Andy Serkis did another fantastic job for his outstanding role once again in this movie. Every scene from arguing with his other self to trying to figure out what each riddle answer was….


I would have to say I would give The Hobbit a 9.5/10.

What do you think of the Hobbit?

Do you think that it brought justice to the novel?

Do you wish to see upcoming movies for the franchise in 3D?

Would you watch again?

disclaimer All media and images belong to The Hobbit production company as well as Peter Jackson. I claim no images and media of my own. All images are used for entertainment purposes only.

Customer Appreciation

I had a long trying day to assist my aunt with some financial help by going to bank. Now this is a bank I would regularly go to when I am on holiday. When I arrived there, the line was so long that I was in disbelief. I stood in that line for hour and half reaching the front of the line. I only had  one transaction to do.

Waste of Time

This amazes me that some banks do not have a single transaction line for people who are doing such things.




I don’t trust the online systems here either but anyways as I was handing the teller the information, after a couple minutes, they told me that something is wrong the information. I was upset and I let that teller know how disappointed I am in their service. There is no customer appreciation in these kind of banks in terms of how time consuming it is to just stand in line to do one transaction! It is absolutely mind boggling that people who are usual customers are fine with this. You would never find such lines in other places and most of them are fast and pretty much CUSTOMER FRIENDLY!

I was so upset that I decided to leave the bank and had to explain to my aunt who was waiting for it before Christmas holidays. I hated to see her so disbelief and distraught over the matter.

I am done with this type of service and I know it’s the holidays but that does not give any bank an excuse to not apologize for the wait.


What do you feel like doing this Christmas? Do anyone of you have the Christmas spirit in you since the days are drawing near. I am not sure why but this year does not feel any different from last year expect I am one year older. I am spending Christmas with my parents and sister.

Christmas Dinner

One of the key things that I am going to there is also go to the beach. I have been to the beach in so long! Like 6 months since leaving I am so excited to go there. I am also looking forward to seeing all friends from those that I have seen in ages.

White Sandy and clear blue waters...

White Sandy and clear blue waters…

What is your favourite Christmas pastime besides spending it with family? Christmas TimeDo you have a family dinner on Christmas?

Family Christmas Dinner

Do you spend it with your family at a hotel?


What’s your favourite dishes to make during holidays:


Christmas Desserts


christmas appetizers Entrees christmas entrees